Unnecessary Things People Take To #NYSC Camp

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25 Responses

  1. tessy says:

    what about bathing buckets

  2. Mfonobong udoroh says:

    Tnx for making me know what to carry and what not to carry to camp…….nice of you.

  3. tessy says:

    should we come with bathing bucket

  4. omayele says:

    Save yourself the stress of travelling with buckets and buy them at the camp…but ofcourse u can go with buckets

  5. Chigbo chioma says:

    Tanx for d job well done

  6. DR. Kind says:

    Know yourself and financial your bouyancy. If taking things to camp is more economical then why would you want to buy them in mammy in the name of STRESS. For instance bucket sold ffor 150-200 naira cost 350 on camp in Jalingo. The extra 150 or 200 naira on it may take care of 2 meals there in mammy. So just get stressed and save your cash. All corp members are expected to be hustlers so stop thinking like the one not to talk of acting like the one that has “hammered”

  7. Anonymous says:

    tanx and am grateful

  8. joan says:

    Wow thanks so much, pet too re nt allow Pls dnt come ur dog or cat etc lol

  9. joan says:

    N thanks for all d wonderful informations

  10. Remi says:

    i think you are right for those not coming from far places and people that can endure.

  11. Vivypat. says:

    Wat about boiling ring

  12. abibat says:

    Why will extension box or socket be seize please?

  13. Prince says:

    Pls is WAEC and admission letter 4rm sch/jamb wil b needed in d camp?

  14. Tunde says:

    what about stove and pot for cooking instead of going 2 mammy market, is it allowed

  15. Abdulkadir says:

    what if i dnt come with anything? can i get everything i need in camp?

  16. Onwuzu Onyedikachukwu says:

    what about music instrument?

  17. Sam says:

    What about Music instruments – Saxophone precisely

  18. Anonymous says:

    If you are an international student, yes it will be required

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