NYSC Camp: Things To Take To Camp

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  1. Lusia says:

    Super helpful….thanks a million

  2. Funmilayo says:

    Thanks a bunch..really helpful

  3. dyuran4 says:

    The orientation course for batch B 2013 corps menbers ends on the 16th july,2013.

  4. WALE SAFARI says:


  5. edighoghor mudiaga says:

    Thanks very much. You people are the best

  6. Pastor Henry Ubi says:

    Good information,God bless u.

  7. chiagoziem o Onwurah says:

    Its kul….

  8. Famiyesin Mary Folakemi says:


  9. claire says:

    10ks u a million….d passport wot background colour is needed?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the awareness God bless you.

  11. Akindele Adeola says:

    Please, is laptop allowed?

  12. Jennifer says:

    For those of I that are good drinkers ,trust me u need like 50k And more in other to keep u going.

  13. Steph says:

    Please what r the nysc camp requirements for nigerian trained doctors?

  14. John says:

    Are there errand kids

  15. John says:

    Are there errand kids there,
    How do one carry 30k in a pouch

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hahahahaaaaa, bro this is actually interesting. Thanks for the advice. Bless you!!

  17. Okorie Victor says:

    Amazing facts.
    Think this is definitely interesting n cool. Bless you!!!!

  18. Mary E. Otuk says:

    Tnks a grt deal 4 d info & guides. God bless & keep u 2 continue wit ur gud deeds.

  19. Vivien says:

    Quite helpful. God bless you for us

  20. Dine says:

    How do i know where am posted thrgh my call up number so i can request for change as a married woman?

  21. Avworhiare Tega says:

    Thanks a lot. Your write up is good and encouraging. Keep it up.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Wow!dis is great,thanks a lot

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a million times for the info n guide steps, may God bless you.

  24. Brandy says:

    Thanks very much for the comprehensive list,God bless you for this awareness.

  25. Myke Syke says:

    Just 100 more people like you and this place will be som’ to write home about

  26. Thanks. Now am set and good to go.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This is most helpful….

  28. Hadehola says:

    This is superb. You guys are awesome.Thanks a bunch.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Am expecting ur reply!

  30. mz lola says:

    Tanks love d whole gestures wit d requirement, here’s mine to d item 20# like we dont know we are meant to take towels not just towel! Tongues out#

  31. Iribhogbe Adebukola says:

    Thank you so much

  32. Imeh Udoffah says:

    Thank you very much God bless you dear.

  33. Godwyne says:

    Really 9ce & enlightening. keep it up

  34. felix says:

    Tnkz 4 d update, its really helpful

  35. Dammy says:

    Thanks very much. U av done a favour

  36. chinny says:

    any age restrictions on lactating mother concerning d child? my child wil b one by aug buh stil sucks… so am I stil eligible fr d camp

    • Dat Corpr says:

      I’m not really sure on that one. I think, I think as long as the child is still being breast fed, the mother should be eligible to relocate.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a million times

  38. You say final year school ID card is needed, what about those that don’t have ID cards Bcos the school never made provisions for it?

    • Dat Corpr says:

      I never had one when I was in school too. But during our final clearance we paid a fee and we were given ID cards. So if you haven’t been cleared chances are they might still make one. You can also use your library ID card. On a safer side, get a school ID

  39. Also, you mentioned paper. What kind? Is it normal A4 plain sheets? Or foolscap paper?

  40. adekunle comfort says:

    But if u say d call up no is out,bt in our institution dia is nothing like dat,is it defininately dat if we didn’t go by dis august,dat means it is certain by Nov,or wat going on,cos I didn’t undastd .tanks

  41. stella Ekong says:

    Wow this is super kool,tanks ne God bless u.

  42. Yusuf Haleema says:

    Is a nursing mother allow to stay in camp with her baby like other

    • Dat Corpr says:

      No. Once you’re registered, you are advised/allowed to redeploy back to wherever you’re coming from – that same day or the next. Although I don’t know the age range (of the baby) that qualifies you as a nursing mother.

  43. Yusuf Haleema says:

    My baby will b 10 months old soon.

  44. Onwuka Ikpa says:

    This is really great. Had this page saved for months, but felt like dropping something. You deserve the compliments……

  45. dumbldorr says:

    Is it possible to be exempted from camp because of medical/physical challenges?

  46. Keji says:

    Wow…really educating piece…dunno wat am gonna do with myslf tho cos am nt so boxed up fr all ds..am going to plateau fr d service…aw can i survive it wt litle orr no money

    • Dat Corpr says:

      Just buy the essentials – toiletries and beverages. Don’t bother about getting extras – socks, whites and co. Forget Anything you can find/borrow in camp like buckets and white plastic shoes. Eat camp kitchen food. Minimize expenses like recharge vouchers. Stay dry. Do your laundry yourself. All ends in 3 weeks. Goodluck

    • Anonymous says:

      plateau is cheap to stay in so u have notin to fear my broda

  47. chuks says:

    What if you don’t have you final year student ID card, rather, an ID card from the penultimate year, would you still be registered?

  48. favor360 says:

    Hello, pls am being posted to Akwa-Ibom to resume camp on 5-8-2014 if anyone is posted there should hook me up on 08060506982 thank you

  49. Anonymous says:

    Interms of short sneakers can bring jeans white

  50. Anonymous says:

    U didn’t mention hot drinks and weed…..lol

  51. tugbeh (BIU) says:

    Had no idea I would need to take all these. You’re a life saver (y)

  52. ella says:

    Pls you said somrthing about the staplers that one can bring but u noted it will be seized.don’t understand that part. Also can one bring hangers to camp?

    • Dat Corpr says:

      Yes, plastic hangers. Do take your stapler along although they MIGHT be seized based on reports from some camps. You should know that the level of strictness varies across the country.

  53. liasu ibrahim babatunde says:

    Been post to Gombe state nd am suppose to resume camp on 4th of November which was on my CUL nd due to d bomb blast dat happen in Gombe state,we r told to chill till 26th of November dat dey r movin us to Niger State for our own camp,nd I was told we r goin to collect anoda CUL.So our skool told us dey r not aware of it.Am confused nd I dnt pay 4k.are dey goin to send d call up letter 2 our skool again or we are goin to hold d one given us dat indicate 4th of november.tnx

  54. esther oye says:

    tnks for the info. my baby will be 7 month by may,will i be allow to stay in camp with the baby?

  55. Princess Uzoma says:

    Wow i love this information. Tanx alot. Plz is any tin wrong if i put my cash in my waist bag when i get to camp 24th of this month?

  56. Samuel says:

    About the passport I was told that it is white background like the type we used 2 register 4 NYSC nd I Hv gotten about 18 or more copies. Should I still change it with 1 of a red background?

  57. Paul says:

    na by force say I must served de nation ne,see suffering abeg hmmmm their is God ooooooo

  58. Kipsy says:

    This Info Is Really Helpful…Thanks. Joining D Batch A 2017

  59. chimodo says:

    Highly interesting

  60. Jackson says:

    What’s about taking other of your cloths is that really necessary….if yes like how many of my cloths am I taking

  61. roses_rose says:

    Helpful thanks

  62. bimbo says:

    very helpful, thanks a lot… please when is batch b 2018 senate list coming out

  63. Afolabi says:


  64. nwaokoro says:

    My school ID card expire 2016 hope they will accept or i should go get another

  65. tyom alexander says:

    Thanks a million times. This is really helpful

  66. ann says:

    pls NySC said they need nd certificate b4 HND student can register in camp pls how true is this

  67. sun says:

    thanks for the headsup sir

  68. Solomon says:

    nice one pick it up

  69. Etima says:

    Why is it dat when de ask us to choose state during registration yet de won’t give us de exactly state ?

  70. Jay says:

    My school ID expired 2018, hope it will be accepted.

  71. Danladi Iliya Mbeh. says:

    My identity card expired 2018, hope it will accepted?

  72. So what if you identity card expired due to a spill over one had?

  73. Emerald says:

    Pls can I take my original statement of result to camp or photocopies only. Cause someone told me not to carry my original copy of state of result along to avoid stealing.

  74. Paul says:

    how do i get a spot in NYSC Orientation Camp to sell my items
    what do i have to do ?

  75. Thank u so much for the update, somebody is grateful I must say

  76. Sasa says:

    Wow! Godbless for this update.

  77. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks man.
    Jah bless

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