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Updates: NYSC Mobilization Time Table 2015 Batch B

The Time-table has been released. Online registration of Prospective Corps Member for 2015 Batch B starts 8th of September and ends 9th of October 2015. Also, Stream I runs from 28th October – 16th November...

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Official 2015 Batch B NYSC Orientation Dates

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Folks have been crying out to know when they’ll be mobilized and commence their orientation. The dates have now been confirmed.


NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2015 Batch A

The NYSC Management has released the Mobilization Time Table for the Registration and Orientation of the next Batch of Corp Members. The 2015 Batch A Orientation Course is now slated for 5th – 26th...


NYSC Batch C 2013 Mobilization Timetable

The NYSC Management has approved and today published the 2013 Batch C Time-Table. Below is the schedule of events: Event — Date 1 Pre-Mobilisation Workshop 20th August, 2013 2 Registration of Foreign-trained Nigerian Graduates...