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Camp stories: How Over 60 Girls Descended On One.

Camp stories: How Over 60 Girls Descended On One.

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2017)


I was posted to Nasarawa. Note the term ‘was’ because I recently redeployed(thankfully?). This is the story of how the whole hostel ganged up and almost beat one girl like that?.

Anybody in Batch B Stream I in Nasarawa State would know of Hostel A. The most notorious female hostel in camp. Known for using the bush behind their hostel as toilets, dirtiest and the noisiest hostel. Unfortunately I was put there?.

So this fateful day, we were coming back to the hostel from evening parade where the soldiers had made us squat severally and stand for hours.

Now lemme help u analyze the situation. Firstly, some girls from my hostel were caught and made to pack the poo in the bush outside the hostel. Now some of these girls were innocent o but because they belonged to hostel A, they couldn’t escape ? (I was an OBS member so I was practically absent most times?) Secondly, we had come from parade ground all sweaty and in pain. Thirdly, we were currently waiting outside for more than 15 minutes for the person holding the hostel key. So you can guess how agitated some of these girls were.

Suddenly, a soldier approached from the general camp area with one fair girl who was wearing that Red Cross singlet(I honestly don’t know what it’s called) The soldier comes and stands by us and the convo starts;

Soldier: My people good evening o…

Girls: Good evening sah…

Soldier: Eh hen.. let me take your time small. This my sister has said that her cap is missing from the hostel. So in case anybody here picked it abeg return it to her o.

The girls begin to look around at each other while some murmur. Out of nowhere one girls voice becomes louder;

Girl: That girl( referring to red cross girl) is very stupid.

The while place becomes silent.

Soldier: who said that?!?

Nobody answers.

Soldier: I said who said that?!? Come out before I punish all of you?!?

Girl steps out.

Mind you, all this while Red Cross girl was beside the SOldier with her hands crossed looking at all of us like we were Alibaba and the forty thieves.

Soldier: So because I decided to come and plead with you to return this girls cap, you think you can insult me?!? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I wake all of you by 2am for punishment.

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He walks off angrily.

Hostel head opens door as people troop in and begin to murmur and shout.

“Who does she think she is?!?!”

“Me I will not serve punishment because of stupid cap?!?”

“God punish you!?!? (Referring to Red Cross girl who had also entered hostel)


Ama break this story into two so watch out for part 2 when the action goes down.

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