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Manhandled Corper Redeployed By NYSC.

Manhandled Corper Redeployed By NYSC.

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2017)

The Corps Member, Micheal Uwakwe, who was assured by a member of the Police Force in Zamfara, has been redeployed.

This was made know to media operatives by Mrs Victoria Okakwu, the NYSC Director, Corps Welfare and Inspectorate, in Abuja yesterday.

She explained that the reason behind his redeployment was to ensure his safety during his service year.
Thr briefing took place yesterday and was intended to update the public on the outcome of the investigation carried out by NYSC concerning the Corpers plight.

The initial reports stated that Micheal was beaten and manhandled by the police for punishing a student who happened to be a rich man’s ward by simply asking him to go on his knees.

She also made know to newsmen that 11 other Corpers who were working with Micheal were also withdrawn from the school after series of investigations carried out by the scheme. They were reposted to other establishments in the state to complete their service year and also ensure their safety.

She said that she got information on Wednesday last week from Zamfara state that a corps member was beaten by the police, arrested and detained. She went further to explain that she had to speak to the state coordinator to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Apparently, the Corper had a problem in the school where he was posted to serve.

He had come into the class and has said he was going to give the students a surprise test and told them to put their books away and get ready but the student involved was not cooperative. During the test, she hissed and when he asked why she had done that in the class but she said nothing and hissed again. When he looked into her script, she had written`Nonsense Tes’ on it and that made him angry. He asked her if the questions he had set were out of what he had taught them and she didn’t answer so he instructed her to kneel down. In the process he asked her to crawl with her knees to the punishment spot and after that he left the class. When he came back later, she was no where to be found. Apparently the girl had gone home, spoke to her father and he went to the police.

The Corper was in the staff room when he was called that he was needed in the principal’s office. Upon arrival he was asked to go with the police but he declined stating that he was just doing his job but he later agreed to go to the police station if the principal would accompany him. He went with the principal to the police station and in the station he was slapped and detained for six hours.

Mes. Okakwu assured the press that the scheme had written made a formal report to the state commissioner of police of the state expressing dissatisfaction over the way the police handled the matter as the police was meant to maintain peace and not cause harm.

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She explained that with efforts of the NYSC State Coordinator, the local government and zonal inspector, the state commissioner of police the matter had been settled amicably.

The commissioner had evenness said that involving the Police wasn’t the right step as it couldve been setfled within the school. He however still apologized for the way his personnel handled the matter.

However, the director maintained that Uwakwe was not brutalised as speculated but just slapped as he did not have any bruises on his body.

Mare Okakwu reminded the public that scheme is very concerned with the safety and wellbeing of its corps members, assuring that wherever corps members are serving in the country the scheme will continue to ensure their welfare and security.

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