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How To Join OBS

How To Join OBS

(Last Updated On: January 23, 2017)

The idea of going to a military boot camp never sounded appealing to me so when my NYSC Service Year came, I began to look for ways I would escape activities. (That sufferhead life ain’t for everyone??.)

I graduated as a Mass Communication student so when I asked past Corpers the first thing they told me was join OBS. I did and God knows I didn’t suffer.

OBS is translated as Orientation Broadcast Service. It is the broadcast service that helps pass information across in camp. There is usually a studio with complete equipment including speakers that are stationed all around the camp.

Now to join the OBS, you need to locate the studio within the first five days as a lot of people would want to join. You will be interviewed immediately by the attendant there but you might not make the final list because preference to Communication students, DJs and electrical students. In this case, you have to convince the attendant why you would be an asset.

But it’s not all about skipping parades and everything o?… You will tend to the studio other administrative work. Just that you simply have some privileges.

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I hope this post has been helpful to you. Be sure to share it??

P.S: Corpers posted to Nasarawa Mr. Obediah is the attendant there and he’s very friendly so be sure to be free with him.

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