How To Get Ready for NYSC

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  1. Afolabi says:

    Pls sir there is this rumour spreading that it’s only people that got message from nysc that are going to camp for batch b stream 2. Plssssssssssssssssss how true is it? Because I haven’t gotten any message from nysc since after my registratio.

    • Ayomide Jums says:

      Check the website to see if you are able to print out your call up letter. If you can then you are participating in this batch

  2. Hanifat Muhammad says:

    I was suposed to participate with stream 1, but could not make it due to medical related issue.can I go with stream 11?

    • Ayomide Jums says:

      Yes but you need to first go to the website. There are three options and one included is for those who have registered but were not able to make it for service. Select that option and it’ll direct you on what to do

  3. Collins says:

    What are the neccessary documents needed please…

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