NYSC To Increase Allowance Of Corpers

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3 Responses

  1. Azeez Sodiq Abiodun says:

    This would be a great news not for only corps members but for every Nigerian students, it will definitely serves as a way of motivating students academically and facilitating the NYSC service year. Please I urge the FG to endorse this increment of allowances ASAP, like today. Financially, the service year has not been easy for corps members with the current #19,800 monthly allowance, the economy condition isn’t anymore like those days. #19,800 this days is like #5,000 in those days. Please, FG, let this increment of NYSC allowances be now. Thanks and #God bless Nigeria

  2. Oralu thomas says:

    The money given to corpers was set since 5yrs back, pls now the cost of living has increased upto 50percent it therefore means that atleast 49,000 naira should be Fg corpers allowance to enable them perfect in their service and at the end of service have something to create an entrepreneur self employment. With this meager payment it will yield many corpers to ulcers and other sicknesses since it is not easy to cope in these places except the govt want corpers to serve in their states then the aim of Nysc is defeated

  3. Samuel says:

    hmmm this our govt na one chance ooo. After them go the seek for vote from the youths. How can they pay #19800 to somebody that is a graduate for a months?.
    when their fowl no fit feed with that amount each!!!
    #[email protected]

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